Curiosity Quest Problem Solvers Camp
Curiosity Quest Problem Solvers Camp

Our Team

Joel Greene

TV Host of PBS Curiosity Quest

Host of nationally syndicated PBS program Curiosity Quest as well as the host of Our California! He is always eager to hear questions and help find answers. Here are his thoughts about his work: "What is not to love about Curiosity Quest? Lets go over the facts; I get to travel to almost any factory imaginable, I get to sample every food put in front of me, I get to hang out with some of the worlds most amazing animals, I get to meet incredible people, and I get to make kid’s dreams come true!"

Mary Borobia Walls

Co-Founder & Co-Director

Mary has been in education for over fifteen years in California and Massachusetts. She has been a part of the CQPS team since it first began in 2014. She is CREEC (California Regional Environmental Education Community) Coordinatior for region 10 as well as Director for Action Driven Inquiry. The STEM, STEAM, and Environmental Literacy have been her playgrounds for the last decade or so. She is passionate about supporting learner's curiosity, creativity, inquiry, agency, and action. 

Stacy Jones

Camp Staff

Stacy has been on many CQPS adventures and loves being a part of camp culture. She has been an integral part of most CQPS episodes and has been a camp Lead for over 5 years. She has over a decade of experience with STEM education ranging from chemistry, engineering, robotics, electricity, to much more. She graduated university with a STEM degree—a B.S. in Neuroscience—which she uses on a daily basis interacting with others and sharing her knowledge and love for science. Her curiosity leads her to question everything which fuels her creativity. Stacy has worked with kids through many programs including Girls Scouts (been a GS since age 5 and earned the highest awards through the levels), Camp Summit for the Gifted, and CQPS.

Ricardo Evaristo

Camp Staff

Ricardo loves helping kids be the best problem solvers they can be. He is an experienced camp counselor and has lead camp groups for over 5 years. More bio coming.